Awakening the Sacred Self 

  • This class is a collection of ancient healing art jewels used to promote women’s wellbeing  and nourishment of self to promote the balance of body, mind, and spirit.

    We will journey  into the sacred heart space as we study about how emotions can effect the physical body and how to use all these techniques as preventive “medicine”.  You will also gain a understanding of how the cultivation of Yin (feminine) energy, Chi (means life force), and how a connection to the sacred orgasm is a extremely important part of women’s health, as well as useful in the prevention of menopausal issues.  
    Topics also discussed are:
     -Why the need of self nourishing, community, and healing are so important.
    -How certain Herbs, plants, and crystals are used to transform & balance women
    – How to craft a home herbal vaginal steam.
    -The importance energetic Womb healing and ovarian breathing  for women’s health and healing from sexual trauma.
    -Reflexology and tantric inspired home spa treatments for self and/or couples.
    -Herbal skin and body recipes for all over maintenance (including intimate areas)
    -Guided Breathing and moving meditations for centering the mind , connecting to the sacred self and igniting the mojo in your relationship    (think energetic masturbation on a whole new level!) 
    -How the term erotic is connected to the term “life force”
    -We will dive into the levels of love and how they play out in our lives.


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