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      • Telesa Hines, Poet, Actress, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

     In this interactive session, participants will discuss the true meaning of unconditional self-love. We will explore how empowering it is to truly love ourselves, unconditionally and free from judgement.  Participants will learn how to identify the voice of the ego verses the voice of the soul. I will give you the tools to increase your vibrational energy and manifest your own destiny. I will show you the powerful correlation of self-love and intent, and the power of intent. Every person that attends this session will leave empowered with the tools to manifest whatever it is they are seeking in life, whether financially, career wise, or in love and relationships. I will shift you from being under construction, to you grand opening in life.

    The objective of the workshop is to teach individuals how to trust their process and be gentle with themselves along the journey. They will learn the true definition of love and that it is not divided into categories or types. I will show them that success comes from learning to love themselves first.  We will demonstrate how the break down spiritual blocks and elevate vibrational energy.

    I am a master teacher, writer and life coach who has battled depression, anxiety, weight struggles and a desperate feeling of aimlessness. I began a journey of self-discovery and self-love and that was when I learned how powerful I truly am and how powerful we all can be. I decided I wanted to share my “secret.” In this interactive workshop, I will dispel every myth about religion, mediation, sexuality, death, pain, and love. I will give people the tools to operate in their highest, best selves. People will leave my session feeling restored, renewed and most of all, empowered.


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