If You Can Survive the Fire, You Can Give Birth to the Forest

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      • Annie Ross, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Preacher

    Don’t faint in the fire. The fire was not meant to consume you, but it was meant to be a clearing mechanism to position you for purpose.  Did you know that fire is a natural part of the forest’s regeneration system? Today’s forest fires help to produce the vibrant and beautiful forests of tomorrow. The pressure and heat of the fire causes forest cones to explode, these cones are filled with seeds that start the growth of a new forest.

    As it is in the forest, so it is in our own lives. Have you ever stopped to think that there is a forest of potential inside of you, just waiting to be unleashed? But what if, just what if, it all came by way of the fire.

    This workshop is designed to give you both spiritual and practical tools to help you survive the fires and setbacks of life, and to give you a greater perspective on what it really means to live through your losses. I declare there is something new in you; seeds of greatness are germinating in your sorrows. Hold on because there is Favor after the Fire. You will be inspired to turn your losses into a legacy, and remember that you were called to flourish in the flames, and sprout in the rain. Let the fires of life become a catalyst that re-invigorates your inner potential while also giving birth to new possibilities. Remember: If You Can Survive the Fire, You Can Give Birth to the Forest.


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