Intersectionality of Sexual Identity, Religion, Politics, Fame and Just about Any Other Thing

  • Intersectionality is the road on the way to diversity within a community. Racism, classism, and sexism is the traffic that dictates the rules of the highway.  Bisexuality is in the crossroads of that intersection with the fuel needed to ignite unconditional love and freedom simply by the nature of what it represents.

    Some argue for more laws to protect the interest of bisexuals. Others say why is it necessary to single out the B at all when it is included in the LGBTQ+ configuration. It matters because the trickle down approach to social justice does not work without a frame of reference for those seemingly unaffected persons. The impact of not being seen or heard are the pathways  isolation. What if we could dismantle all of this? What if everything you thought you knew about yours not true? What if I told you the key is in answering one question Who am I? Would you be willing to listen.




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