Vibration of Grace, Healing through Sound

  • What is Sound Healing?

    Sound Healing is the intentional use of Sound and Vibration to create ease in the Mind, Body and Spirit.

    Sound is Medicine, and I am a Medicine Woman. In my practice I use my Voice, Hand Drum, Rattle, and Bells to move stuck energy through your body, creating opportunity for Wellness, Clarity and Release.

    This ancient, indigenous Healing modality is rapidly being rediscovered, as more people become aware of how the body responds to Sound. The human body is made up of about 60 – 90 trillion cells, which carry about 70% percent water. Sound travels through water almost 5 times faster then it does though air, this makes Sound an excellent method for penetrating the body on a cellular level as our bodies have an immediate response to Sound. Sound Healers harmonize the cells in the body. Yes, this is Science, and my work is

    rooted in Divine Love, also known as Spirit.


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