Eternity Philops

  • Inspired by my love of capturing natural beauty and once-in-a-lifetime moments, I began my first business, Soul Art Photography, in 2008. That same year I independently published my first book of poetry and short stories under the pen name Eternity Philops, and I continue both my photography and writing endeavors to this day. Along my life journey I became drawn to addressing wellness needs. which was the seed that grew Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services, a Self care-focused company that caters to inner healing. That same seed also flourished into Sacred Soul Yoga, which is the spiritual expression of my passion for raising Self awareness through balancing the connection between body, breath, and energy. In between all of these pursuits I operate a virtual store, teach informative classes and workshops, and form safe space communities for the authentic connection of others.

    My life purpose lies in serving community through creative expression, inner wellness, and spiritual balance. I do my best to bring my strength and dedication to the forefront of every project, challenge, and goal I take on. I look forward to bringing that strength and dedication to serving you


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