Flex Jonez & Kimora Brooks

  • FLEX JONEZ, 2016 Mister Black Trans Carolinas

    It is amazing how one’s personal life’s journey can enlighten and shower others with encouragement only to find surprising oneself. In that small framed body of his stands more than an educated non tradition Transgender college student. He is a proactive entertainer , LGBT pageant titleholder / owner, and activist with an unique stage presence. He is the Creator, Promoter, and Show Director of several stage revues , which consist of an inclusive diverse showcase which welcomes and promotes talented LGBT-Q performers with an avenue to display and express their artistic stage attributes.

    He is a devoted Mentor, Spokesperson, Motivational Speaker , Activist , Advocate, and Volunteer within the spectrum of many causes and communities surrounding: LGBT-Q, Homeless Youth, Minority, Human & Civil Rights, Patient Care, campus communities. Transgender, HIV/AIDS & STP Awareness. Deeply living his life with the belief, “That was given to you freely by others, was given to see that you may live in comfort within the confinements of society; for that you shall always give back freely and unselfishly as well.

    During 2003, during a quest appearance on a live televised episode of the Maury Show ” Was A Woman / Now A Man”, one of the first American Transmale episodes. It was then that Flex Jonez began deeply extending his advocacy toward the needs of each the TransMale and TransWoman communities byway of outreach, support , education, and networking.

    Using the “Understanding” aspects of his platform, educating many within the medical field toward the Health and Wellness needs of the transgender patient. Working with several local colleges in his state toward the need of campus awareness surrounding tolerance and safety toward the transgender student.

    KIMORA BROOKS, 2016 Miss Black Trans Carolinas




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