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    Medicine Woman gina Breedlove

    I am a Sound Healer, Singer, Songwriter and Medicine Woman from Brooklyn, NY. I began using Sound to create safe space in my body when I was quite young. This was in response to childhood trauma, I was in constant danger for myriad reasons. Sound Medicine saved my life. I realized that I could share this Medicine with others at a gathering in my home about 10 years ago. A dear friend was having an emotional breakdown and I was moved to offer this gift of Sound that had supported my personal Healing journey. The response was life changing for my friend, who told others. Thus, my life in service began.

    My offering of Sound Medicine is rooted in Love and guided by Grace. I am awed, again and again, by the cathartic effect of focused Sound on the body, and I am grateful to be a vessel for this Potent, Powerful energy work. I have learned how to step aside and allow this Grace to come through me. Particular to each individual, there is usually instruction for self-care, releasing destructive patterns, and an invitation to begin (or deepen) a daily active practice of living with an open heart. Sound Healing is everything from listening to the Wind talk through the trees, to your inner narrative. I can teach you how to use the Sound of your voice to bring your focus to the present moment, where life is happening.

    There are many ways to do this good work; Singing bowls, Tuning forks, Bells, Chimes, etc., all very effective tools. Vibration of Grace™, Sound Healing is all about the Sound of the human Voice, which carries embodied consciousness and intention, and is as close as your next breath.






















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