Jenise Justice Brown

  • Jenise Justice Brown is an actress, activist, inspirational speaker and author with a passion for insightful provocative tales about strong women and the people they chose to love. Jenise has been gifted with the ability to use her voice as a powerful instrument of change across many platforms. With the release of her book, DownLow Sister OnTop: Celebrating the African American Bisexual (2015) Woman, Jenise established herself as one of the most powerful voices of empowerment today.

    Making the decision to leave a successful career in corporate America, Jenise Justice pursued her dreams in entertainment enduring missteps amidst numerous victories. This launched her career as a speaker vowing to provide all who inquired the tools, strategies, and insights she honed through her own experience and expertise. Jenise is quoted as saying, “We are here to add value to each others lives, our experiences are not for us.” She calls it a pointing in the direction of self-alignment.

    Currently, Jenise Justice travels the world speaking through an intersectional lens of sexual orientation, gender non-conformity, race relations and the complexities between them and other categories of identity relative to diversity and inclusion. Jenise has also authored an eBook, Ask the Bisexual (2014) and, the soon to be released World Domination 101 (2018). Additionally, she has landed her first starring role in a feature film, Unbreakable Bond (DIP Global Media/2018) all she credits to making the decision to write the script for her own life.

    A self-defined advocate for the rights of all people, Jenise Justice’s career is focused on increasing awareness and mobilizing people to be powerful leaders in their own lives, across identities, class, race and social movements.



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